20 Oct 2017

How Did You First Discover Lolita?

Since I’m still fighting off jet lag and general laziness, this week’s Lolita Blog Carnival prompt was great to ease me back into writing something for the blog.

17 Oct 2017

Musings on Style in Lolita

This is a topic that I have thought about for quite a while. Lolita fashion is one that, compared to many other fashion substyles, alternative or otherwise, is quite strict in terms of what makes a Lolita outfit (‘the rules’ or strongly advised guidelines), arguably making it less friendly for personal styles (which fits with the Japanese notion of belonging to a group, but against the Western notion of individualism). Yet at the same time we often find ourselves commenting that an item is “very much me/you” or identifying the wearer of an outfit even if we can’t see their face thanks to their distinct style. This is an interesting duality that I would like to explore, although whether I’ll reach a conclusion of any sort is a mystery even to me.

13 Oct 2017

On Bargain Hunting

If I had a pound for every time I have seen someone advise others that they can get second hand brand for cheap nowadays, I’d have enough for a decent used brand haul. However, these people often fail to mention a tiny little caveat: that finding it is not always as easy as it sounds and there is a skill to finding brand bargains. Even when you know which websites to look at, there are some tips and tricks that will help squeeze even more out for your buck.

10 Oct 2017

1 Dress 4 Looks Take 15

This dress turned out to be a surprise in more ways than one. Having received it in a lucky pack this January, Innocent World’s Strawberry Tart first surprised me with the fit and how much I ended up liking it and now with how easy I found it to coordinate in new ways. My worries about reaching another writer’s block point were entirely unjustified and I ended up having to select which outfits to put here.

6 Oct 2017

Halloween Outfits Ideas for Non-Gothic Lolitas

Confession time: I don’t like Halloween. I don’t hate it or actively dislike it, but I do impatiently wait for the Halloween hype to pass (and to buy discounted chocolates). Part of it is to do with my (this time active) dislike of anything related to the horror-genre, however remotely, but also I’m just not into spook as is. For anyone out there who feels the same, and like me isn’t into Gothic Lolita, our dilemma is joining any comm Halloween festivities without spending money on a once-a-year kind of dress, here are some of my ideas for Halloween-themed Lolita outfits using things you probably already have.

3 Oct 2017

Lolidrobe Reassessment Post 2017.3

Spending continued as summer sales season and Dreamy Masquerade Carnival took place. But now I really will have to buckle up and stop as I have a pricey holiday coming up and, unfortunately, with my new job I don’t have enough paid holiday. Yikes!

29 Sep 2017

Compare Your Wardrobe from Your First Year to Now

As interesting a topic as this is, there really isn’t much to compare in my case. Still, I’ll try to bulk up the post somehow!

26 Sep 2017

Dress Code: Glamour

The second time of me organising a meet and this time I did something a lot more casual and less themed/event-like. Which worked out perfectly!

| AP Crystal Dream Carnival Tiered JSK | offbrand (Dorothy Perkins) cutsew |
offbrand & upcycled cardigan | Meta Lace-up Bouquet OTKs | AP Elegant
boots | Shinku Rose hair clips | Rose Marie Seoir choker | offbrand
necklaces | AP Crystal Dream Carnival pegasus ring | Twinkle Kitty Boutique
star ring | Glasses Lit glasses |

Since the theme was Dress Code: Glamour, or simply whatever makes you feel glamorous, fabulous and simply amazing, I took Crystal Dream Carnival out for a spin. This is a lot more casual than what I’d normally do with this dress, but since the print is simply magical I don’t mind. I actually enjoyed doing a more relaxed coord with this dress – with such an in-your-face border print it’s difficult to tone it down or wear it in a way that you feel you could just throw on and do something ordinary, so I’m glad I managed to achieve something like this whilst still feeling fantastic. And I managed to incorporate so many smaller elements that I haven’t had much opportunity to coord yet or at all even!

The meet was originally meant to be the one where we took a comm photo for the last Tea Party Club Annual, but since we decided to use the photo we took at DMC instead, it opened up the meet to a fewer more options. Which worked in my favour as I’ve had such a mad, hectic September that the 23rd was the only day I could host – yet this clashed with Thought Bubble, a comic book and comic artist convention that many in my local comm wanted to attend, which would’ve made for a comm photo not reflecting how massive a comm we are! Because I’ve been literally everywhere and doing everything all month, I was very close to calling it quits and calling the meet off, so I could rest, but I didn’t because I knew that once I was there I’d enjoy myself a lot and would’ve regretted not hosting a meet. So the fact that there were only four of us, myself included, helped since it was a very casual, very relaxed meet and I didn’t feel like I had to do anything beyond the usual to remain a good host.

How do I stay a good host?
(Also, check out the chandeliers!)

The theme had actually come down from the exhibition at a local crafts gallery that had the same title. What I didn’t realise until we got there was that this wasn’t much of an exhibition. We wandered round what looked like a museum shop until I asked a staff member where the exhibit was – and she pointed to literally four small display cabinets in the corner! That wasn’t going to fill the time I had allowed for it, it took us maybe ten minutes tops to see what was in the cabinets. The exhibit description suggested something a lot more lavish and bigger than that. Luckily, everyone laughed it off with me and we went to find somewhere that served tea and cake.

Lolitas as you know them.

Lolitas goofing off when you don't look.

This place ended up being Creams in Leeds’ The Core. Honestly, I’ve walked past that place so many times and never even realised what a treasure it hid! Creams had lovely, airy and elegant décor, lots of tea, desserts and even savouries at very affordable prices and more than enough room for all our poof. I’d love to go back there again – it might not be a ‘proper tea house’, but the fond meet memories have now made it one of my favourite places in Leeds! It was great to spend hours chatting, struggling with our giant cake slices (seriously, look at the size of them!) and just having a good time. Of the three attendees, I knew one from before whilst the other two were new to the comm (for one it was her first Lolita meet ever), so I sincerely hope that they’ll attend more and that they felt comfortable and welcome at the meet (they certainly didn’t look like they were keen on running away, which is a good sign).
That cake had me defeated. So much sugar!

After this we had planned a dinner at a local Japanese restaurant with some of the C.L.A.M. Lolitas joining us after their Thought Bubble adventures, but unfortunately they couldn’t make it due to getting stuck in a queue and having to rush to catch their coach home. So we proceeded just on our own to have more food, more chatter and more laughs.

I am so, so glad that I didn’t back out because I would’ve missed out on a very fun meet and probably wouldn’t have met these lovely frillies (or at least not at that time). I came home absolutely shattered, but happy. I won’t be able to make any Leeds meets until the Winter ILD (still going to some other things in the meantime), so it was great to host something small that didn’t require too much planning or energy. As nice as large meets are, small ones are fantastic too!

22 Sep 2017

Difficult Things To Deal With In The Fashion

In the time that I’ve been into and wearing Lolita fashion I was extremely lucky to not have anything majorly unpleasant happen to me. This doesn’t mean that Lolita fashion doesn’t come with its fair share of difficulties and here are some of the biggest ones that I’ve been working through so far. These aren’t things that can simply be wholly overcome and I doubt that this is everything that I’ll face. I had been thinking about writing up a blog post on similar lines, but my ideas haven’t quite clarified yet, so this is perfect timing. It is going to be a serious post and it will discuss topics that some may even find triggering, so if you find topics such as body image or comparing yourself to others triggering, I suggest you give this one a miss.

19 Sep 2017

Wishlist Dress Unboxing: Sweet Cream House

You know that dress that you've seen so many times that you actually started to really want it? This is it for me. But I wasn't willing to go over my budget for it, believing that patience will pay off. And guess what, it has. Very quickly, since this is on of those that everyone has seen by now, either in person or on another YouTube unboxing video - here's what mine is like.

15 Sep 2017

Dream Masquerade Carnival - Haul

We all know that you don't just go to an event and leave empty handed. For one, you usually get a tote bag full of freebies with some tickets. And for the other - how can you resist all these goodies at no extra shipping cost or customs fee? I'll be honest, I wish I had bought more, but that's how the cookie crumbled.

12 Sep 2017

Dream Masquerade Carnival - Day 2

The long Saturday of DMC has passed, as much sleep as was possible to get in a hot and noisy room was had and then preparation for the Sunday DMC tea party began. This is usually your chill day, the time to socialise, take an absurd amount of photos, stuff your face with gorgeous food and tea, catch the special guests in a more relaxed manner and just generally have a good time without having to commit to an awful amount of walking. This will be another long and picture heavy post, so another cuppa is highly recommended, especially if you’re reading the two posts back to back (are you sure that your last cuppa hasn’t gone cold?).

8 Sep 2017

Dream Masquerade Carnival - Day 1

So, Dream Masquerade Carnival happened – which I’m sure you’re already aware of if you’re on Instagram or in the Closet of Frills group on Facebook. This was my second large Lolita event, as well as second and also last Tea Party Club event, as at the tea party they announced that there would be no more, so I can’t exactly say that I’m highly experienced, but expect some comparisons to last year’s Wicked and Whimsy. Also, prepare yourself as this will be a lengthy and picture heavy-ish post – maybe make yourself a cuppa to go with it!

Before you start reading, let me say this: after the initial emotions after the announcement of it being the last TPC event have cooled down, I thought a lot about it from various points of view. I read many Facebook statuses from people involved in organising the event (and involved with TPC across the years), as well as ‘just’ attendees. What you will read below is my honest opinion, but since there won’t be another TPC anniversary event, any concrit is aimed at people organising other Lolita events or thinking about them. These are also my own opinions and experiences and do not reflect those of anyone else.

5 Sep 2017

Baroque x Sakizo Repose of Queen Preorder Unboxing

Pre-orders are such a rollercoaster of emotions. You go from excitement for making the purchase, to daydreaming about your items, to forgetting that you even ordered them as you're distracted by other, more immediate purchases, then remember that it should've been shipped sometime now, getting anxious and asking for updates, then nervously checking the tracking number as often as possible, before either breathing a sigh of relief or screaming in anger at customs and then - finally! - getting excited again because the item is in your hands after months of waiting. I'm patient enough waiting for things to be shipped, but boy, pre-orders are a bit much for me. Still, very happy to finally have this beauty in my hands, yay!

1 Sep 2017

1 Dress 4 Looks Take 14

Very few Taobao releases grab me as strongly as this one did. I was hooked on Resailan’s Jewelry Box from the first print previews and woke up earlier to place the reservation (later turned out that I didn’t have to, although I still missed out on the shoes from that series). Whilst I’m not 100% happy with the high-waisted cut, I’m also not keen on the V-shaped straps in general which were featured on the normal waist cut, which is why I don’t wear this dress as often as it deserves. Nonetheless, I still love the print, it’s one of my favourites and because of this I’m determined to make as many complimenting coordinates for it and find a way to make the high waist work on me.

29 Aug 2017

What Lolita Taught Me

The subject of what kind of things we have learnt from Lolita fashion crops up pretty regularly, but it’s still good to revisit it sometimes as we discover more. I myself have touched upon it already when discussing habits I picked up from the fashion and skills every Lolita should have, but would like to go into the subject a little bit more directly now.

25 Aug 2017

Create an Unconventional Meet and Its Itinerary

As great as it is to just hang out with your comm friends, see an interesting exhibition, do some crafting or have a nice meal, it’s good to shake things up a bit sometimes. The key here is in coming up with a meet that’s out of the ordinary, but not so much that it starts to feel forced or like you’re trying to do too much at once (leave that for when you’re planning a Lolita con). Some of the ideas that I’ve had before involved makeup and/or nail art meets (not that I’m an expert at either) or jewellery making. But even those, however uncommon, are just another take at a crafts meet. But this one I really would like to organise one day, if possible.

22 Aug 2017

1 Dress 4 Looks Take 13

It’s been over a year ago now that I got Diner Doll (and subsequently kicked myself in the butt for panic-preordering when I could’ve waited literally one month and gotten it on sale). For someone who claims to be into Sweet Lolita, I don’t actually have that many pastel things, mainly due to my aversion to pink and only just getting into other pastel colours like mint and lavender. Not that this will stop me from loving this dress in every inch of its pastel food glory!

18 Aug 2017

What Would I Like to See in a Lolita Magazine?

In one of my previous videos I commented on the new Lolita magazine Melt and how I felt there were some bits lacking in there, which were also lacking in Gothic and Lolita Bible before it. Although it’s unlikely that Japanese publications will pay attention to my ramblings, I’d love to share with you some of the things that I would love to see improved or see more of in Lolita magazines and e-zines.

15 Aug 2017

Innocent World (Mostly) Summer Sales Unboxing

Many of the shopping rules I follow I have learnt from my Mum. And one of them says that if you come back to a dress (or bag, or shoes, or whatever) after a while and still like it, then you should get it. This one I kept going back to for almost a year and a half, waiting for it to go on sale, and I couldn't be happier when my patience paid off.

11 Aug 2017

What Is Your Most Memorable Moment Since Joining The Fashion

The wonderful thing about Lolita fashion is that it’s so much more than just fashion. We have created ourselves a community, be it in person or online, and even when we don’t consider ourselves to be lifestyle Lolitas, the fashion has become an important part of our identity and daily routine. So it’s only natural that we build a whole bank of memories – some better and some worse – to look back on throughout the years.

8 Aug 2017

Taobao Haul Unboxing: The Headbow Edition

In my books there is no such thing as too many headbows. Or, for that matter, too many pairs of OTKs or too many blouses. But headbows are pretty cheap to get and can really change up an outfit, so I decided it's time to fill the gaps I had in my collection. Now I suffer from overstuffing the box I store all my headbows in, but that's another issue altogether. Maybe I'll show off my storage solutions some time...

4 Aug 2017

Japanese Auctions and Sales Haul

The buying doesn't really stop at the Cupcakes and Unicorns headquarters, that is my house. If a bargain is irresistible, then why try resisting? If you can justify the postage with the small cheap purchases, then I say do it.

1 Aug 2017

1 Dress 4 Looks Take 12

For the longest time I’ve been on the fence whether to do an outfit post with this Bodyline L380 skirt or not. I purchased it to use it for layering, which it’s great for, but at the same time it is a main piece that could be used on its own. In the end I decided to give it a go – even if I don’t ever end up wearing any of these, it’s good practice for your coording skills. Though truth be told, this skirt proved more of a challenge than I thought (matching ivories is a nightmare and anything with colour needs some careful balancing).

28 Jul 2017

What Would You Find Appealing in a Con for Lolita Fashion?

When I think of “Lolita fashion con”, I think Tea Party Club anniversary events and then some. Honestly, they have pretty much all that I need in a Lolita event, but as they are now giving us a jaw dropping preview after another in preparation for this year’s 10th anniversary, they prove that there’s always another level of extra.

21 Jul 2017

What Inspires You When Building A Coord?

This is always a fascinating question. We’re all individuals and despite loving the same fashion, we look at it and experience it differently, leading to people creating beautiful yet varied coords with the same main piece for example. Everyone has their own process and will find different things inspiring, so it’s not just interesting to see how this looks for others, but could also help us improve our own outfits.

18 Jul 2017

Man Meet

You might think that something like Man Meet would be isolating for those who have no interest in Ouji or Aristocrat fashions. But a good comm makes sure that everyone is welcome to attend and will find a way that works for everyone – in this case, this was by providing an opportunity for matching by asking the Oujis what will they wear and the Lolitas to dress in a similar colour scheme or theme. It’s the Ouji accessory thing, but with you matching them rather than the other way around.

| Resailan Jewelry Box JSK | Bodyline blouse | Resailan
Jewelry Box tights | AP Elegant Doll boots | handmade
hat | offbrand jewellery |

Arrr, parrots are overrated!

I knew about my Ouji match since the Cardigan Meet, as the topic of Man Meet came up whilst we were crafting, so as soon as I heard “navy” I knew that this would be the easiest colour for me to match with. And despite having no interest in that style previously, I really got into Pirate Lolita, although I didn’t find as many truly outstanding, polished perfection cords as I had hoped to when I looked for inspiration (though I’m sure that at Under the Sea in Amsterdam there were more fabulous Pirates, I just didn’t have the energy to browse through so many photos from this long ago). Luckily for me I only needed two bits: the hat and the necklace, the rest I already had at home (the replica gun was my Dad’s 30th birthday present). I must say, I’m pretty happy with this, it only goes to show that my wardrobe really is at the point where I genuinely could do pretty much anything without having to buy loads of expensive bits. There were some really epic pictures taken of my matching Ouji and myself, we had a blast of a photoshoot and the replica gun proved very popular, but I don’t have these yet so this will have to do.

We spent the day at Kirkstall Abbey, which was actually two parts: the abbey ruins themselves, which are almost a park and free of charge, and the Abbey House Museum, which is where we started. The museum has an absolutely wonderful lower section which is a rebuilt Victorian era street with as many items from the local area as they could find. You could wander inside the shops, learn about Victorian lifestyle in mostly rural but growingly urbanised and industrialised Yorkshire and get a feel of town life of ordinary people. Shame that it was so dark inside because the photos would’ve been absolutely incredible!

What every Lolita would be in Victorian England: an
Importer of Foreign Fancy Goods! Currently known
as Taobao resellers.

Upstairs the museum had an exhibition on fairy tales, mainly their origins and meanings, which developed into displays of toys throughout history. Although our favourite parts of that side of the museum were the old automata, which were both the first moving stories and the first arcade games, in a way. Some were creepy (the fortune teller was a creepy little doll), some were fascinating (the oldest one they had was over a hundred years old and looked a good as new), some were funny (the haunted house was kind of Scooby Doo level by our standards) and some kept us quite captivated (like the murder mystery one). You had to exchange a 10p coin to obtain a vintage penny the machines needed to operate, but the experience was totally worth it. The museum staff seemed to like us quite a lot, so they even opened one up to show us the insides as the machine was working! (As well as totally stood by us when we had a bit of your typical photos-taken-without-asking incident, they were absolutely wonderful, supportive and understanding!)

After a quick lunch we then moved to Kirkstall Abbey itself where there was some sort of an art trail event going on with lots of artists displaying their sculptures, paintings, works for sale etc. And where better for a bunch of Oujis and a few Lolitas to take some epic photos than in medieval ruins? Though let me say, as soon as I was done with photos I rushed to change my shoes – the AP boots are gorgeous, but not made for walking, I was really grateful to my past self for bringing a change with me. However, for London I shall double up by both putting gel insoles into these AND bringing a change of shoes to spare my feet the pain at the tea party.

After getting enough photos, but still not feeling quite like parting ways, we made our way to the local pub for some refreshments and more chatter. Since we were quite a small group, it was really easy to talk to everyone and feel like you’ve had sufficient opportunity to catch up with people. We even somehow got not one, not two, but three “slip of the tongue” cheeky insights into Dreamy Masquerade Carnival from one of the organisers (I can’t say details, but one was about things we could buy, one about an as-of-yet unannounced vendor and one about who one person in our group will model for – all very exciting!).

And then we drifted apart as time came for us to catch our trains home. It was such a fun day out, I was really tired from working all week before and a delayed return from a work trip the night before, but I’ve absolutely no regrets – in fact, I would’ve regretted not going to the meet far more! Except that now my next meet will be the tea party in London, unless something happens or I change my mind about something, so I better find a way to keep the hunger for dressing up satiated.

Have you ever done Ouji or any other kind of Boystyle? Or if you haven’t, would you? What’s your favourite of the lesser Lolita substyles? 

14 Jul 2017

Plans derailed

Whether you overestimated your needs and wants or whether what was on the photo on the online sale genuinely does not reflect the reality, even the most careful shoppers have gotten things which later turned out to not work as well as we thought. Although I sincerely hope that none of you have more than five of these!

11 Jul 2017

Metamorphose Skirt Lucky Pack Unboxing

I clearly lack self-control this year (or just gained confidence that the income I'm spending won't suddenly disappear) because I got myself a lucky pack from Metamorphose temps de fille. Honestly, brands, I get that when we buy lucky packs online then the contents are already hidden inside a box, but don't be skimpy and give us some bags, please, at least the plastic ones! One day I'll buy a lucky pack directly from the shop, not online, and I'll have all the fun taking things out of the bag for a change.

7 Jul 2017

Traveling To Japan For 10 Days - Packing Challenge

This is as hypothetical for me as it gets: I wouldn’t do Japan for only 10 days (not with having to account for time difference taking away a whole day going in and a whole day going back), I wouldn’t pack just Lolita with me and I wouldn’t have just my 23kg suitcase to use (I have in the past, but my next trip is most likely to be with others). However, let’s rise to the challenge and if I were to go to Japan for such a short period of time and had to wear only Lolita, this is what I’d pack.

4 Jul 2017

Lolidrobe Reassessment Post 2017.2

I hit a spending streak and am starting to seriously lack storage space for all this stuff. I need to fill my time better so that I’m not mindlessly browsing all these sales (though so far I’ve had little luck).

30 Jun 2017

Angelic Pretty British Crown OP Unboxing!

So you've seen this dress in action, but I haven't had the chance to show off some of the amazing details on it or talk in more etail about the fit. Here's the chance for that - and if I may, I'd love to highlight the printed ribbon with AP's name on it and how they even printed the grosgrain texture to it. Love that so much, might be my favourite part of the print!

27 Jun 2017

June Tea Meet

Despite all predictions, last week ended up pretty manic for me, particularly towards the end. I was (and still am) lacking a little sleep and feeling tired, so as much as I was looking forward to going to another Manchester meet, I felt the need to be comfortable during the day. So with a bit of luck and a speedy parcel from Paris, I changed my plans last minute and did not regret a single thing!

| Angelic Pretty British Crown OP | Innocent
World Millefeuille bolero | Angelic Pretty
Crown Ribbon OTKs | Cutie Creator headbow |
offbrand shoes and ring |

I have an unboxing video on the backburner, which will show a few more details and review the dress a little bit more, but I am so, so happy to own it. After resigning myself to having to wait years for this cut and colour to appear second hand and probably costing over retail anyway, AP Paris came to tempt me and I said yes. This is such a simple coord, but it meant that I could enjoy the whole day of being frilly without pain or discomfort. And I’m really looking forward to discovering more ways of styling this OP, I’m not used to coording long sleeve OP’s so it’ll be a good challenge to stretch my skills a little bit.

The meet was meant to focus on a little exhibition of feminist art at the Portico Library and afternoon tea later on at Richmond Tea Rooms. Although our afternoon tea reservation was quite late (5:45pm), due to awful public transport complications and delays we managed to fit both activities in with a bit of spare time in between.

The “Cut Cloth: Contemporary Textiles and Feminism” exhibition proved a total hit with everyone. It wasn’t big, the library itself is rather small, but every piece of art there was really noteworthy. And how rebelliously Lolita is it to admire a piece of embroidery work depicting fabulously dressed Victorian/Edwardian women be modern feminists? I would’ve very happily taken some of these embroidery art works and hung them on my wall somewhere, they were as beautiful as they were thought provoking. We also got special access to the reading room, normally reserved for members and researchers, as the librarian was very impressed with our frills and wanted to photograph such fabulous visitors (and he was very patient when we then asked him to do the same with a few of our own cameras, bless him).

Unfortunately, by the time everyone arrived at the meeting place (we set off nearly an hour after the original meeting time due to public transport issues) and got to the library, it was just before it shut down. Most of us hid in the Manchester Art Gallery just next door to chill – quite literally, as we just sat in the café and chatted. Had I not been so tired I probably would’ve gone to explore the gallery a little bit more, I really liked it when I went there before, but I simply didn’t have the energy for that.

My energy returned when we got to Richmond Tea Rooms. If you’ve never been before and would like to go, I highly recommend going with someone who either has been or who knows Manchester very well. It’s not that it’s hard to find, but if you don’t know where you’re going you’re very likely to doubt yourself during the way because it’s essentially in an alley between the back of some clubs and the back of some student-looking accommodation, in the middle of Manchester’s Gay Village. The tea rooms are decorated in Alice in Wonderland theme and it was truly, truly magical! The staff were lovely too and accommodated our various wishes, from someone’s request for no cream on their milkshake to my asking to swap the scone for a slice of cake in their cheapest afternoon tea option. Nobody got charged extra, everyone got what they wanted and the food and drinks were simply delicious. I didn’t even ask for my cake to be this big, they just gave me this giant slice (average female hand of mine for scale), that’s how lovely they were.

Look at the size of that cake!

This was such a lovely, lovely day. Even though, as we observed with a fellow Leeds comm Lolita, we get so much more attention, questions and unwanted photographs in Manchester than in Leeds (honestly, the number of people who got telling off for taking photos of us without asking is ridiculous, when in Leeds I’ve only had a situation like this maybe once), it was great to hang out with everyone, catch up with people I had met before and make some new friends. I also got to feel the CLAM comm love, albeit in rather unpleasant circumstances, as my issues with public transport continued and ended up on the wrong train on the way back. Even though they could only stay with me online, being able to share my panic and feel all the support via Facebook from them, ranging from simple “stay safe” to offers of crashing for the night, I felt very loved and taken care of, a true comm member and not just a casual visitor. And that was priceless – but I still don’t wish my stressful journey home upon anyone!

Does your comm look after each other like true mother hens? What is your local area like in terms of how people interact with Lolitas? Any go-to outfits or solutions for when you still want to wear Lolita/go to the meet, but are battling tiredness? 


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