29 Aug 2017

What Lolita Taught Me

The subject of what kind of things we have learnt from Lolita fashion crops up pretty regularly, but it’s still good to revisit it sometimes as we discover more. I myself have touched upon it already when discussing habits I picked up from the fashion and skills every Lolita should have, but would like to go into the subject a little bit more directly now.

25 Aug 2017

Create an Unconventional Meet and Its Itinerary

As great as it is to just hang out with your comm friends, see an interesting exhibition, do some crafting or have a nice meal, it’s good to shake things up a bit sometimes. The key here is in coming up with a meet that’s out of the ordinary, but not so much that it starts to feel forced or like you’re trying to do too much at once (leave that for when you’re planning a Lolita con). Some of the ideas that I’ve had before involved makeup and/or nail art meets (not that I’m an expert at either) or jewellery making. But even those, however uncommon, are just another take at a crafts meet. But this one I really would like to organise one day, if possible.

22 Aug 2017

1 Dress 4 Looks Take 13

It’s been over a year ago now that I got Diner Doll (and subsequently kicked myself in the butt for panic-preordering when I could’ve waited literally one month and gotten it on sale). For someone who claims to be into Sweet Lolita, I don’t actually have that many pastel things, mainly due to my aversion to pink and only just getting into other pastel colours like mint and lavender. Not that this will stop me from loving this dress in every inch of its pastel food glory!

18 Aug 2017

What Would I Like to See in a Lolita Magazine?

In one of my previous videos I commented on the new Lolita magazine Melt and how I felt there were some bits lacking in there, which were also lacking in Gothic and Lolita Bible before it. Although it’s unlikely that Japanese publications will pay attention to my ramblings, I’d love to share with you some of the things that I would love to see improved or see more of in Lolita magazines and e-zines.

15 Aug 2017

Innocent World (Mostly) Summer Sales Unboxing

Many of the shopping rules I follow I have learnt from my Mum. And one of them says that if you come back to a dress (or bag, or shoes, or whatever) after a while and still like it, then you should get it. This one I kept going back to for almost a year and a half, waiting for it to go on sale, and I couldn't be happier when my patience paid off.

11 Aug 2017

What Is Your Most Memorable Moment Since Joining The Fashion

The wonderful thing about Lolita fashion is that it’s so much more than just fashion. We have created ourselves a community, be it in person or online, and even when we don’t consider ourselves to be lifestyle Lolitas, the fashion has become an important part of our identity and daily routine. So it’s only natural that we build a whole bank of memories – some better and some worse – to look back on throughout the years.

8 Aug 2017

Taobao Haul Unboxing: The Headbow Edition

In my books there is no such thing as too many headbows. Or, for that matter, too many pairs of OTKs or too many blouses. But headbows are pretty cheap to get and can really change up an outfit, so I decided it's time to fill the gaps I had in my collection. Now I suffer from overstuffing the box I store all my headbows in, but that's another issue altogether. Maybe I'll show off my storage solutions some time...

4 Aug 2017

Japanese Auctions and Sales Haul

The buying doesn't really stop at the Cupcakes and Unicorns headquarters, that is my house. If a bargain is irresistible, then why try resisting? If you can justify the postage with the small cheap purchases, then I say do it.

1 Aug 2017

1 Dress 4 Looks Take 12

For the longest time I’ve been on the fence whether to do an outfit post with this Bodyline L380 skirt or not. I purchased it to use it for layering, which it’s great for, but at the same time it is a main piece that could be used on its own. In the end I decided to give it a go – even if I don’t ever end up wearing any of these, it’s good practice for your coording skills. Though truth be told, this skirt proved more of a challenge than I thought (matching ivories is a nightmare and anything with colour needs some careful balancing).


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